Houthis intimidate elderly to absolve them of torturing his son to insanity

Houthis intimidate elderly to absolve them of torturing his son to insanity

As the story of Muneer al-Mashriqi, a political activist that Houthis tortured to insanity, went viral on websites and attracted widespread attention, the militia have intimidated Muneer's father to absolve them of the responsibility for what they did to his son.

Sources close to Muneer said the Islamic extremist rebels sent a convoy of gunmen and a reporter from their TV network "al-Masirah" to al-Mashriqis house in Dhamar in central Yemen to have him utter statements of the rebels' responsibility for driving Muneer to insanity and skinning him alive over the course of one year of psychological and physical torture.

The sources said the militants "started with enticing him the elderly man with money to absolve their militia of responsibility for torturing his son. As he refused, the militants threatened him and the whole family and village if he does not." It is not known if the clan of Muneer has yielded to the threats until the time of reporting.

Muneer was a doctor and political oppositionist to the armed rebels. As he lost consciousness in the Houthi jail last week, they thought him dead, put him on a pickup truck and dumped him in a road outside the capital Sana'a. Acquaintances recognized him and he was finally transferred to the government-held Marib city where his story became a material in the local media and he was taken to hospital for treatment and rehabilitation.

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