Houthi militia kidnap 55 people including children in Dhamar

Houthi militia kidnap 55 people including children in Dhamar


The Houthi militia stormed the village of al-Qad in the district of Atma in the west of Dhamar province and abducted approximately 55 people, including children as young as 12 years old, and transferred them to the central prison and then to unknown places. The militia then looted and set their houses on fire.


"The arrests came after the residents of the village rejected the Houthi militia's orders to the villagers send their sons to the Houthi military camps to be go to be sent to the warfronts against the government in Yemen's western coastline," said Sheikh Abdulwahab Muawdah, a leader of the Popular Resistance in Dhamar.

"The villages refusal to let their sons join (the rebels) resulted in the arrival of a rebel military campaign to recruit the village's young people by force."


The Houthi military campaign that arrived to the village took the yong boys by force and set the houses on fire, he said.

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