Relative rise of oil derivative prices in Aden

Relative rise of oil derivative prices in Aden

Oil derivatives in the interim capital Aden have seen a relatively high price since Sunday morning.

The Yemeni oil company raised the price of fuel on Saturday at its stations in Aden, where the price of one liter of gasoline reached 330 riyals, up from the previous price of 15 riyals.

The sources added that the price of petrol (20 liters) rose from 6,300 riyals, which was approved by the company about a month ago, to 6,600 riyals.

Surveyed people told al-Sahwah the rise came after days of long lines of cars were seen queuing in front of petrol stations in the temporary capitl Aden and the dominance of the oil black markets in city's streets.

The rise brings a new suffering upon the citizens, since the city will see a similar rise in the prices of commodities and transportation fares at a time when the Yemeni riyal is witnessing a significant decline these days

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