How Houthis reduced a good-looking doctor to a mad man in his raw skin

How Houthis reduced a good-looking doctor to a mad man in his raw skin

Houthis have their own exclusive torture methods that the worst terrorist organizations on earth like ISIL have not even thought of doing.

The latest of their methods rendered a once handsome doctor and outspoken political activist Muneer al-Mashriqi into a mad person in his raw skin.

The Shia Islamist terrorists abducted Al-Mashriqi in Dhamar, south of the capital Sana'a, a year ago and threw him in jail.

He has since been exposed to various forms of torture including electrocution and skinning alive with abrasive solutions poured on his body.

Having driven him mad, the extremists took him by car out of the jail and dropped him in one of the roads of the city where he was found and started to make headlines in the local media and on social networking websites.

Houthis have tortured to death, insanity and disability hundreds of peaceful activists including doctors, journalists and human rights activists

Late last year the rebels killed, among many, Ahmed al-Awahashi a political oppositionist in a Sana'a jail by lengthy torture that ended up with breaking of his backbone into two halves and his immediate death.



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