Army experts extract new stone-like landmines in Taiz

Army experts extract new stone-like landmines in Taiz

Army experts have extracted a new group of carefully hidden and disguised landmines the Houthi group had planted in Yemen's southwestern city of Taiz, military sources said.

The 35th Brigade of the armed forces posted on facebook on Wednesday a story and photos of the landmines that had been extracted after the withdrawal of the extremist Islamic theocrats from al-Selw rural district to the southeast of the city.

Army sources said the landmines shown are "but a small number of  what had been extracted" over the past years. "They landmines were extracted from campuses of schools, public roads and under vegetation," read the post.

Some of the stones are camouflaged as stones as evident from the published photos.

Yemeni government sources estimate that the Iran-backed extremists have planted nearly a million landmines in the country.

The militants invaded Taiz in early 2015 and have since killed and maimed several hundreds of civilians including women and children by way of landmines alone.

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