UN experts panel arrives in Aden.

UN experts panel arrives in Aden.


Prime Minister, Dr. Ahmed Obaid bin Daghr praised the efforts of the UN Panel of Experts on Yemen, stressing the government's continued support to the panel to perform all its practical tasks in various governorates of Yemen.


In a meeting with them in Aden, he said that the government is working hard to overcome all difficulties facing the work of the panel and is keen to provide all facilities to examine the violations committed by the Houthi coupist militia.


 "Yemen is witnessing a very complicated stage as the militia continues to practice multiple violations; recruits child soldiers, confiscates food and relief aid, and commits other abuses out of exploitation of the difficult social and financial situation of the people in the areas under their control," he said.


"The shortest way to achieve peace is the implementation of UN Security Council resolution 2216, the Gulf Initiative and the outcomes of the national dialogue which were agreed upon by our Yemeni people and signed by the Houthi militia themselves before they rebelled against them," he said.

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