Army troops continue to advance in Qabbeita district

Army troops continue to advance in Qabbeita district

The armed forces and the popular resistance forces continued their progress in the district of Qabbeita north the southern Yemen province of Lahj on Wednesday amid a significant retreat by the Houthi rebel militia.

Military sources told Al-Sahwa that fierce battles in the western and eastern parts of Qabbeita resulted in the army's capture of the strategic mounts of Al-Qawas, Al-Rqayzah, Al-Razzouq and the areas of Qatahat, Al-Sada, Saqeema and other areas .

The sources added that the army and popular resistance forces moved in the north-east of Qabbeita and liberated the areas of Halajim, Al-Central, Aljader, and Najd Qofl.

The sources confirmed that the army continued to advance with aerial coverage from the Arab Coalition targeting sites and reinforcements of the militia

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