As Griffiths arrives in Sana'a, Houthis further escalate fighting

As Griffiths arrives in Sana'a, Houthis further escalate fighting

The Houthi rebel militia's meeting of the UN peace mediator Martin Griffiths in Sana'a was accompanied with further military escalation and mobilization of senior commanders and militants to Yemen's western coastline, in a clear message that they have no interest in peace and so they reject Griffiths' plan for the rebels' safe withdrawal from port city of Hodeidah.

The rebel militia assigned their "foreign minister" to meet Griffiths, unlike in the previous meetings when militia's top leaders would meet him.

On the other hand, the armed forces, supported by the Arab Coalition, have lowered the intensity of their military operations, hoping to give the United Nations a sufficient opportunity to persuade the Houthis to hand over Hodeidah peacefully. The militia deployed hundreds of their recruits into the city, continued to cut main roads and neighborhoods with with digging of trenches and with arms depots.

Gunmen blow up car of mosque preacher

Local sources said that unknown gunmen blew up the car of Sheikh Lutfi Ali Mana the vicar of one of the mosques in al-Dhale'a city in southern Yemen on Wednesday.

The gunmen put improvised explosive devices on the car as was parked in front of his house in al-Eskan neighborhood in the city of Dhali'a.

The sources added that the explosion destroyed the car completely without incurring casualties.

Mana is a prominent member of the Southern Shariah Organization and one of the leaders of the southern resistance that drive out the Houthi rebels from Dhale'a city in 2015.


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