Saudi ambassador condemns Houthi massacre in Taiz

Saudi ambassador condemns Houthi massacre in Taiz

The Saudi Ambassador to Yemen to Yemen has condemned the Houthi militia's massacre against civilians in the southwestern Yemen city of Taiz on Sunday.

The Islamist rebel militia heavily shelled neighborhoods in al-Kamb neighborhoods, east of the densely populated city, on Sunday evening, killing two persons and injuring five others, most of them children. One of the killed and all of the injured are children.

The Saudi diplomat, MohammedAl Jaber, condemned the massacre saying the "Iran –backed and trained militia is besieging cities and assassinating childhood" in reference to Taiz which the rebels have been besieging since early 2015.

"The terrorist militia affiliate to Tahran sees Yemen as only a target for carnages, starvation, intimidation and terrorism," he said.

The Islamic militants invaded Taiz in 2015 and have since been besieging the city and killing its civilians by various ways including heavy shelling of neighborhoods as part of a collecting punishment for their support to the government.


A mother cradling and grieving over the body of her daughter killed by the Islamist theocratic Houthis in Taiz on Sunday 2018-07-01  



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