Press Cutting

Press Cutting


The Houthi group has unleashed a campaign to recruit 500 fighters compulsorily from the northern province of Mahweet to deploy them in Yemen's western coastline where the armed forces are poised to liberate the vital port city of Hodeidah.

Local sources said that the local people have warned every village to assign 12 fighters to join the rebels and imposed YR 20,000 on every household that is not willing to part with one of their young men.

 The people are very intimidated to have to send more fighters , according to the sources, as 70 of their relatives who had earlier been conscripted to Hodeidah battles in the past two months have been unaccounted for.  

  1. A number of Houthi extremists have stormed the house of an old woman, looted her house and killed her in Amran north of Yemen.

Local sources said the Islamist sectarian rebels stormed the house of Ayesha Qasem al-Saqami, looted her house and stabbed her to death because of her different religious denomination as her name indicates.

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