Askar: Houthi militia planted about a million landmines

Askar: Houthi militia planted about a million landmines

Human Rights Minister Mohammed Askar said that the Houthi rebel militia has planted about one million landmines in the provinces that they seized since their coup and all-out insurgency in 2015, causing of hundreds of civilian casualties.

In a press statement, Askar said that the Houthi landmines "have turned populated areas into fields of death."

He said that 3,000 cases of landmine explosions have been recorded, causing human casualties and damage to facilities, bridges, farms and water wells.

According to the minister, the Houthis used improvised and camouflaged mines and came by the techniques of converting the anti-vehicle mines to anti-personnel.

He said the rebels planted landmines everywhere including in Yemen's sea waters and specifically in areas frequented by fishermen.


"The Iranian-backed militia has artfully bombed houses, public property including government offices, schools, hospitals, water and electricity networks, roads, and bridges, and private shops, vehicles, farms, companies, factories, and even places of worship," he said.

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