FM: The door of diplomacy is closed

FM: The door of diplomacy is closed

Yemeni Foreign Minister Khalid Alyemani said that the offensive launched to liberate Hodeidah city will not stop until the complete liberation of all Yemeni lands and "cutting off the head of the snake"  in reference to the Houthi rebels.

In a statement quoted by Al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper, he said that "the door of diplomacy is completely closed."

He said that certain international parties are trying to prolong the war in Yemen and give the Houthi militia more time to tamper with the Yemeni people's resources and kill more Yemenis in what he called a "game of interests." He was referring to pressures against the liberation of Hodeidah seaport which the rebels use as a source of revenue at the expense of the Yemeni people.

He said that the Yemeni government presented a proposal for Houthi handover of the Hodeidah port a civilian administration through the United Nations's brokerage last May.

"Where were they," he inquired, addressing the international parties that pressure on the government to prevent the Hodeidah offensive.

He said the Yemeni government had already given the rebels ultimatum to withdraw from the port city and "we have told the international community that these are terrorists who are using Hodeidah as a launch pad for their terrorist boat bombs to attack international navigation."


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