On Yemen Press Day, Anwar's image sums it up all in Yemen

On Yemen Press Day, Anwar's image sums it up all in Yemen

As the Yemen Press Day, June 9, falls, Houthi rebels, the most notorious violator of press freedom after ISIL, themselves sum up everything about press in Yemen under their reign by releasing one Anwar al-Rokn, a journalist held for years in their captivity.

Al-Rokn who was released on Friday died just hours after he was release. As evident from his photo, he had been subjected to months of starvation among other severer techniques of torture.

 The Shia extremists have been holding Al-Rokn and other activists in their held part of the city of Taiz, which has been under their siege since 2015.

Al-Rokn is a reporter for the official daily Al-Jumhooriya and a member of the Baath Socialist party.

The Union of Yemeni Journalists has called on international organizations concerned with freedom of opinion and expression, especially the International Federation of Journalists and the Union of Arab Journalists to support Yemeni journalists and to condemn the ongoing crimes against them and to press for the systematic war against journalists in Yemen to stop.



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