Islah condemns attempt on the life of government official

Islah condemns attempt on the life of government official

The Yemen Congregation for Reform (Islah) party has condemned the assassination attempt on government official Nabeel Jamel in Taiz city on Friday night.

Jamel, the director of the city's branch office of the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, a member of the Islah party, survived an assassination attempt in al-Sameel market in Taiz on Friday as gunmen shot fire him and injured him.
The Islah called the attempt "a dirty operation" that wanted to target "a member of the Islah and a national figure known for his national roles and positive contributions to the public life."  

The Islah affirmed that the continuous assassinations and attempts on the members of the party in the city and elsewhere will not change the course of the Islahis and all people of Taiz from pursuing their strive to protect the nation and restore the federal Yemen free from insurgents and marauding death squads.


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