Bus driver killed by a soldier in Taiz

Bus driver killed by a soldier in Taiz

A bus driver was killed at around 9:30 pm on Saturday in the central Yemen city of Taiz.

Local sources told Al-Sahwa website that the driver of a passenger bus driving through the main street of Jamal in downtown Taiz  was shot dead by a soldier who was on a security patrol vehicle

According to sources, the soldier was arrested and referred for interrogations.

The director of the city's branch office of the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, Nabeel Jamil, had survived an assassination attempt in the al-Sameel market in the same city and night. Jamil is a member of the Yemen Congregation for Reform (Islah) party.

The Islah has issued a condemnation statement and called on Taiz governor and the local official authorities to bear their responsibility in maintaining security in the city.

The city has for months been seeing a wave of assassinations and executions against government officials, soldiers, activists and mainstream clerics. The assassinations are blamed on extremist Abu al-Abbas Brigades.



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