Calls mount for the release of Nidhal Bahweireth

Calls mount for the release of Nidhal Bahweireth

The Yemen Journalists' Union in the temporary capital has joined a mounting social pressure and calls for the release of Imam of Al-Dhoheibi Mosque and senior education figure in the district of Crater in Aden, Sheikh Nidal Bahweireth.

In a statement, the Union's chief, Mahmoud Thabit, said that the Union supports the mounting calls for the release of Bahweireth.

The head of Msarat Center for Media and Strategies also called on the security forces of Aden to release Bahweireth., a man of righteousness and charity, stressing that Bahweireth  is one of the people integrity in Aden.

"The continued detention of Sheikh Bahweireth all this time without fair trial reflects the injustice and lack of professionalism of the security services," he said.

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