Shabwa's Islah says open to everyone under govt's umbrella

Shabwa's Islah says open to everyone under govt's umbrella

The Yemeni Congregation for Reform (Islah party) in Shabwa held an Iftar banquet for the party's leaders in the governorate on Tuesday evening.

Members of the party's executive office and Shura board and heads of the party's branch offices in the government and a number of dignitaries attended the ceremony.

Sheikh Ahmed Hussein Talan, head of the party's Shura board, delivered a speech welcoming the guests and congratulating them on Ramadan, stressing that Ramadan and holidays are an important occasion to open up to society and communicate with all stakeholders.

"Ramadan comes this year as we celebrate a great victory by the defeat of the (Houthi) enemy and the return of the displaced people back to their villages and homes."


Talan said that Islah is an important part of the legitimate government led by President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi, who is seeking with the Saudi-led Arab coalition to end the coup sponsored and supported by Iran."


 He pointed out that the Islah is not in animosity with anyone in the homeland, and that party is open (for working together with) everyone of the stakeholders provided that is under the umbrella of the legitimate government with a view to defeating the coup and restoring the Yemeni state.

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