YJS: Houthis fabricated report, forced journalist to sign it

YJS: Houthis fabricated report, forced journalist to sign it

 The Yemeni Journalists Syndicate said on Saturday that the Houthi-appointed Attorney General Abdul-Aziz al-Baghdadi fabricated a false report in which he said that the detained journalists were not subjected to torture during their stay in the Political Security's prison in Sana'a.  

In a statement, YJS affirmed that a team formed by the Houthi attorney general visited the journalists and forced them to sign a false fabricated report, reiterating that it had access to information approving that the journalists were forced to sign the report. 

YJS absolutely rejected the report, "devious tactics" used by Houthis and forcing the journalists to sign a false fabricated report. 

It expressed deep sorrow as the authorities, which they are supposed to protect freedoms and rights, operate in favor of militias which violate and suppress rights and press. 

 "Instead of allowing international human rights organizations to visit our fellow journalists to be briefed on facts, the Houthi-appointed  Attorney General al-Baghdadi issued a fabricated report in which he demanded international organizations to accept the report" YJS added.

"It was supposed that the Attorney General directed to hold all those who illegally detained and tortured journalists for a year and a half accountable". 

YJS emphasized that the Public Prosecution and the Houhti-appointed Attorney General are co-conspirators against the fellow journalists.  

The team formed by the Public Prosecution run by the Houthis claimed that they met the detained journalists, spelling out that they were not subjected to torture during a year and half of their stay in different jails. 

The Saba News Agency run by the Houthis cited that the Attorney General directed to immediately refer the journalists to the Public Prosecution to  be investigated or be released.  

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