Islah denies calling for UAE's expulsion from Socotra

Islah denies calling for UAE's expulsion from Socotra

The Deputy Head of the Media Department of the Yemeni Congregation for Reform the (Islah party) has denied allegations by a senior figure of the Yemen Socialist Party that the Islah had called for the expulsion of the UAE from the islands of Socotra.

That is a rumor (and the expulsion call) was not made in any occasion by the Islah party, said Islah's Adnan al-Odeini to refute the socialist Ali al-Sarari's allegation in a recent facebook post.

Al-Odeini said that all the parties at one point of time "called for amending the ties between the government and the Arab Coalition, a demand that the Socialist party's statement's contained repeatedly."

He said that he is not used to this behavior of Al-Sarari's; "participating in a smear campaign that takes parties' stances from the rumors market." He said that such behaviors have unfortunately ended the official traditions of verifying the parties' stances.

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