OCHA says heavy rains caused significant damage to Socotra infrastructure.

OCHA says heavy rains caused significant damage to Socotra infrastructure.

In its situation review on the cyclone Mekunu of Socotra, the Office of  the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said that heavy rains arising from the cyclone Mekunu caused significant damage in the archipelago of Socotra.

Excerpt from the review dated 25th May:

"On 23 May 2018, tropical cyclone “Mekunu” swept through the island of Socotra flooding it heavily. On 24 May, the Government of Yemen declared a state of emergency and called on humanitarian organizations to support relief efforts. At the time of this report, rains have stopped and the cyclone is on course to make landfall in western Oman and eastern Yemen on 26 May.

The heavy rains and flooding on the island of Socotra have reportedly caused significant damage to public infrastructure and loss of life, although precise information of the extent of damage is not yet available.

However, national authorities have indicated the potential for large scale damage on the island which is inhabited by approximately 70,000 people.

The Socotra Governorate emergency room has reported a total of 19 persons as missing; destruction of property has displaced families, with at least 500 families seeking refuge in schools and hotels in the capital, Hadibo. Roads to both the eastern and western side of Socotra remain cut off. Hadibo airport is reported to have reopened and some flights may land on 26 May. Preliminary information from one NGO on the ground indicates key emergency needs to be food, shelter/non-food items, medicines and hygiene kits."


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