New FM says will restore respect for Yemen's diplomacy

New FM says will restore respect for Yemen's diplomacy

The new Yemeni Foreign Minister Khalid al-Yemany stressed the importance of Houthi handover of weapons before engaging in negotiations, warning against the repetition of the failed Peace and Partnership deal signed with the rebels in 2015.

He told Asharq Al-Awsat in his first interview since his appointment three days ago that Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and the rest of the Arab Coalition countries are working to restore Yemen's legitimacy, and rebuild the Yemeni psyche that was shattered by the coupists.

He also confirmed that there were round-the-clock contacts with the office of the UN peace mediator to Yemen, Martin Griffiths, in support of his efforts to present peace ideas that he will brief the UN Security Council on June 7th.

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