Govt declares Socotra disaster-stricken province

Govt declares Socotra disaster-stricken province

Early on Thursday, the Yemeni government announced Socotra, a disaster-stricken province, after the cyclonic storm of Mekunu hit the Arabian Sea archipelago.

Government spokesman Rajeh Badi said Socotra is "a disaster-stricken" province suffering casualties and material damages at all levels and needs urgent assistance to help people trapped in their villages or hanging in mountains.

Badi called on countries of the Arab Coalition and international organizations to provide urgent assistance to those affected by the floods the cyclone brought with it.

The Governor of Socotra Ramzi Mahroos said the local resources can't withstand the enormous needs as for relieving the people.

He appealed to the Arab Coalition countries and all supporters to intervene urgently to assist in the rescue, shelter and other supports to people.

He said 17 people are unaccounted for after two ships sank during the cyclone. He said the local Emergency Operations room received reports people had to leave their residence areas.


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