Yemeni army close to controlling Haradh

Yemeni army close to controlling Haradh

The Yemeni army is edging closer to controlling the city of Haradh in the northern province of Hajjah, military and local sources say.

The army is currently besieging the hilltop military sites of the Houthi rebels around the city and once the tops fall to the army's control the city will be easily retaken. Last April the army seized the city of Meedi, in the same province, after months of fighting with the Iran-backed rebels.

Meedi is now witnessing a process of life renormalization. According to the spokesman for the Arab Coalition forces backing the Yemeni government, Col. Turki al-Maliki said the city is witnessing a continuous process of re-normalization of life, re-supply of state services and launch of reconstruction projects.


Houthis dismiss 2600 public employees, replaces them with loyalists

The Houthi rebel militia has dismissed hundreds of government employees and replaced them with loyalists in Ibb province in central Yemen.

Informed sources said that the militia committed this crime against 2600 employees of the public sector in the different districts of the province.

The sources added that the militia began replacing those who were removed from the salary lists of August 2017 with loyalists to the militant group.



The sources said that more than 1200 teachers were removed from a payroll being prepared to pay half an overdue salary – from August 2017.


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