Houthi-besieged Taiz: The forgotten of the forgotten

Houthi-besieged Taiz: The forgotten of the forgotten


If Yemen is portrayed by the international media as a forgotten country and Yemen's ongoing war is often labeled as the forgotten war, then Taiz is the forgotten province of this forgotten country.

Taiz, in Yemen's southwest, is the country's third largest province and the one that bore the brunt of the war's physical damage, human casualties, humanitarian crisis and Houthi persistence – in fact the Islamic extremist rebels are still besieging its provincial capital, shelling neighborhoods with tanks and Katyucha rockets as they seek to plough their way into the oppositionist city that is holding fast for three years now.  

It is the only Yemeni province a warring party (the Houthis) have been cutting into two disconnected halves, city and countryside, and cutting humanitarian and medical supplies to both halves and killing the city's people continually with Katyucha rockets, sniper shooting, and killing the countryside people with landmines and displacing at gunpoint dozens of them out of their homes every month.

Last month alone, the rebels displaced 44 families from Jabal Habashi region in the city's west, according to the Human Rights and Information Training Center, a local NGO.

The NGO's monitors documented the "killing of 50 civilians" including women and children by various sniper shootings and shells.

Taiz is Yemen's ever-fresh wound where bleeding has never paused since the Houthi invasion in 2015.  Yet it is almost totally ignored by the international media.  



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