Four year old girl shield discloses Houthi terrorist ideology

Four year old girl shield discloses Houthi terrorist ideology

The Arab Coalition's recent seizure of a four-year-old girl that her Houthi father had sacrificed her as a human shield in a battle with army soldiers has disclosed the terrorist ideology of Houthi rebels.

The spokesperson of the Arab Coalition Col. Turki al-Malki said on Saturday that the Yemeni army in Saada province spotted the girl, Jamilah, on a military vehicle that her father was manning and attacking the army soldiers with. Careful not hurt the child, the Yemeni soldiers abstained from destroying the vehicle and instead managed an attack that only neutralized its firepower. Then the soldiers went forward, arrested the vehicle's driver, , and rescued his daughter as well. Maliki made those remarks as he handed the girl back to her other relatives through the Yemeni government with a financial aid for them.

This story is no surprise to Yemenis as the people are used to such stories and are aware that Houthis, as terrorist theocratic group, is ready to sacrifice ANYTHING toward their Islamic state (Imamite). Anything may be girls, and those girls maybe their daughters, and may be themselves. And you can only guess what theocratic ideologues are ready sacrifice to reach their goal.

Commenting on this story, political scientist Abdullah Ismail said: "The members of radical ideological groups do not behave off the top of their head, they follow strict instructions from their leaders whom they believe are holy."

He told Asharq Al-Awsat that "The Houthis' attempt to repudiate their ugly fanatical actions on the pretext that they are individual acts is no longer feasible at all."

"This Houthi method signals that over the past period they had used more brutal methods that violate human rights at the core.

"They had used their abductees and forcibly disappeared victims including journalists and politicians as human shields."

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