Relatives of assassination victims form pressure group

Relatives of assassination victims form pressure group

The relatives of many government soldiers, mosque preachers, human rights activists and ordinary civilians killed in a mysterious wave of assassinations in the temporary capital Aden over the past two years have formed a pressure group.

The relatives of the assassinated and a large number of lawyers and CSOs and rights activists organized a ceremony in Aden on Saturday and announced the launch of League of Relatives of the Assassinated.

The Chairwoman of Defense of Rights and Freedoms Huda al-Surari said in an address to the ceremony that all "CSOs should stand united against the assassinations and should advocate for the assassinated."

A presented by female rights activist Eshraq al-Maqtari dealt with the impact of the assassination on human rights, the causes of the increasing crime and the defining categorization of people targeted by assassinations.

At the end of the ceremony the participants called for the merge of the rival security units into one security apparatus that answers to the Interior Ministry. They also called on the Interior Ministry to initiative investigations into the assassination crimes that have occurred.     


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