Unidentified gunmen shoot dead man in Sheikh Othman

Unidentified gunmen shoot dead man in Sheikh Othman


It seems that the spate of assassinations in the temporary capital Aden, as well as other government-held provinces, has no end.   On Wednesday evening, unknown gunmen assassinated a man in Sheikh Osman district in the temporary capital Aden.

Eyewitnesses said that gunmen on a motorcycle shot dead at a man named "Mohammed Ahmed Yousef al-Zubaidi" near the mosque of Moath bin Jabal in Sheikh Othman, killing him on the spot.

Witnesses said the gunmen fled to an unknown destination without being identified while the victim was taken to a Médecins Sans Frontières hospital.

The eyewitnesses confirmed that another person who was next to al-Zubaidi was seriously injured in the head was transferred to the same hospital.

The victim, al-Zubaidi lives in the neighborhood of Malqat in the same city and works in a department in charge of supplying fuel to ships.



Dozens of people have been shot dead by masked gunmen in south Yemen over the past year. But most of the victims are government soldiers, mosque preachers or political activists. Just last Saturday a gunman killed a female dean of the Faculty of Science and University in Aden and her son and grandchild.

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