Sana'a: Houthis torture population with exorbitant prices, illegal levies

Sana'a: Houthis torture population with exorbitant prices, illegal levies

The price of food in the capital, Sanaa, under the control of the Houthis, is rising madly, increasing the suffering of people whose purchasing power declined significantly because of the war.

According to Ali Saleh, a date vendor in the main market in Sanaa, "sales are not good at all" because "the priority of people here is focused on securing the basic necessities and there is no shortage of food, but high prices make it difficult for sellers to find customers who are able to purchase."

He says that the prices "have risen dramatically on the eve of Ramadan and no longer  match the purchasing power of the population."


The Houthi rebels distribute subsidized shopping coupons to government employees to buy essential items instead of paying salaries.

"Houthis seize the state revenues and make great riches but for members of their dynasty only, at the expense of the whole population under their control," said a teacher who wanted to be identified only as "Abu Dhiya" for fear about his life. "They are too rich now. They have built castles, sent their children to study abroad in the world's most expensive universities as the war drags on and the general public starve," he said.


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