PM announces end of Socotra crisis

PM announces end of Socotra crisis

Prime Minister Dr. Ahmed Obaid Bin-Dagher announced the end of the Socotra crisis and the return of the situation to normal.

Tensions have been simmering for a week between the government and the United Arab Emirates after the latter deployed troops in the island's sea and airports while the government was on an inspection visit there.

"Reason has prevailed .. The national flag is waving again over the sea and air port," said bin-Daghr in a facebook post.

"We have overcome our differences regarding the management of this precious part of Yemen."

"There is one enemy, the Houthi, and there is an imminent danger, Iran," he added.

"We have to resolve the dispute and calm the souls, to leave this crisis to the books of history and the narrators of the Hadith, To forget, tolerate, go beyond and move towards the goal of the storm towards the restoration of the state and the defeat of the enemy.

He thanked the Saudi leadership for promptly and successfully brokering an end to the dispute. He also thanked "our brothers in the United Araab Emirates who responded to the call of brotherhood and peace with patience, wisdom and a high sense of responsibility."

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