Free Nidal-Zakaria campaign garners wide reaction

Free Nidal-Zakaria campaign garners wide reaction

A social media campaign launched at 8:00 pm on Saturday, to press for the release of Nidhal Bahwirth and Zakaria Kasem has garnered wide reaction but not yet the release of the two educational figures held by Aden security police.

Nidhal and Zakaria were abducted by Aden policemen on 27th January 2018 and 28th March 2018 respectively for no known reason and have since been forcibly disappeared.

Hundreds of thousands reacted with the Free Nidhal-Zakaria hashtag.

The two detainees are widely popular for their role in supply of relief aid to the local community in Aden during the Houthi invasion of the city in 2015.

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