Army spokesman: 150 Iranian experts spotted in Sana'a and Hodeidah

Army spokesman: 150 Iranian experts spotted in Sana'a and Hodeidah

Yemen's intelligence services have confirmed information that 150 Iranian experts are in the Yemeni capital Sana'a and in the Red Sea port city of Hodeidah.

The spokesman of the Army Abdu Mujalli said: "What has been observed by the army's intelligence over the last few days and the confessions of Houthi prisoners, including field commanders, confirms the presence of some 110 Iranian experts in Sana'a and 40 experts in Hodeidah."

"These experts entered Yemen in illegal ways. The rebel Houthi militia took advantage of the revolution and brought in some of them into Sa'ada province by smuggling them across the sea. The rest came from Iran during the militia's control of Sana'a International Airport, and Iran's initiation of 14 flights a day from Tehran to Sana'a" in 2014.

According to Mujalli, the Iranian experts are now training the rebel militia's fighters and developing various types of weapons to enable the coup d'état to hold fast in Hodeidah and Sa'ada warfronts.

He said, "The recent Houthi retreats prompted the army to send large reinforcements equipped with the latest warfare means to Sa'ada and Al-Baida warfronts in deter the rebels and retain the captured lands."

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