Houthi dissident reveals militia's atrocities against prisoners

Houthi dissident reveals militia's atrocities against prisoners

A leading Houthi dissident who declined to be named said that the rebel militia's "Preventive Security" appparaatus has committed deliberate killings of a number of oppositionists to the coup d'état.  

The Emirati daily al-Khaleej quoted the Houthi dissident as saying that "the Preventive Security Appartus whose staff had been trained in Iran is behind the mysterious disappearances of journalists, political and human rights activists and other" oppositionists to the rebel militia.

The leader revealed that some of the abductees had died under brutal torture; electrocution, beating the prisoners' heads with clubs and severe restriction of movement for lengthy times.

The Houthi militias have refrained from disclosing the fate of many of the oppositionists in their custody.

The dissident said the militia had handed over the bodies of a limited number of abductees who were killed under duress by the Preventive Security. The families of the killed abductees were threatened of serious consequences if they don't bury their killed relatives and keep silent about the issue.

Some of the tortured to death were buried by the rebels themselves without the knowledge of their families, said the dissident.


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