Political parties appreciate political leadership's firm stance

Political parties appreciate political leadership's firm stance

The Yemeni political parties and actors have denounced the Emirati interventions and military deployments in Socotra  island.

The country's eight major political parties including the People's General Congress, the Yemen Congregation for Reform (Islah) , and the Justice and Building party issued have issued a statement to denounce UAE's takeover of the island's airport and seaport and dismissal of the employees last Thursday.

The parties said the Emirati moves are against the mission of the Saudi-led Arab Coalition which aims to restore the Yemeni state back from the Iran affiliate rebels of Houthis.

The Emirati control of Socotra happened on Thursday interrupting Prime Minister Ahmed bin-Daghr's  inspection tour in the city.

The parties called on the UAE for an immediate and unconditional withdrawal from the island and called on the brotherly kingdom of Saudi Arabia to intervene and pressure the Emiratis to end their takeover of the island. The parties thanked the island's population for their protests in demonstration of their refusal of the Emirati behavior and support to President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi's government.



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