Mothers of abductees demand Houthis to release their sons

Mothers of abductees demand Houthis to release their sons

The Mothers of Abductees an organization representing the mothers of prisoners in Houthi jails have rallied in Taiz Taiz on Saturday to denounce the continued detention of their children by the Houthi militia and to demand their speedy release before the holy month of Ramadan.

The Mothers issued a statement saying their sons "are subjected to psychological torture and physical abuse, not to mention the physical elimination."

"The month of Ramadan has come while hundreds of our children, journalists, students, workers, academics and engineers, are behind bars without a justification and their human dignity is violated and their suffering is unbearable," the statement said.

They appealed to the UN envoy and all international and local human rights organizations to work for the release of their abducted and forcibly disappeared sons unconditionally before the month of Ramadan.


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