Houthis leader calls for expediting Khomos Law

Houthis leader calls for expediting Khomos Law


The Houthis leader Abdulmalik al-Houthi has announced the need to speed up the adoption of a controversial law that imposes levying Khomos (fifth-of-the-income) tax on people living in the northern Yemen areas under the control of his militia.
In a televised speech on Saturday he also called the traders to contribute to financing "the mobilization and recruitment of new fighters to the front" and assist the families rebel fighters already killed.

The already impoverished Yemeni people because of the rebels' years long insurgency received his address with much hidden fury and complaints.

Houthi ideologues support their planned taxation with the verse 41 from chapter 8 in the Holy Quran which states:

“And know that anything you obtain, then indeed, for Allah is one fifth of it and for the messenger and for his holy household and the orphans, the needy, and the stranded traveller."




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