Taiz parties support the governor as army cracks down on armed groups

Taiz parties support the governor as army cracks down on armed groups

All the political parties of Taiz have said they support the province's governor after an army manhunt for the killers of an ICRC employee triggered clashes with armed groups.

The political parties including the three major parties, the People's Congress party, the Yemen Congregation for Reform (Islah) and the Yemen Socialist Party, said: "We affirm our full support to governor Ameen Mahmoud's and the provincial Security Committee's decisions and efforts exerted to restore the state institutions and extend the state's authority over all sites recaptured" from Houthi rebels.

In a statement they issued after wrapping up a meeting with Mahmoud on Tuesday, they said "we call on all people of Taiz to stand by the local government … to help it restore security and combat crime."

Over the past months unknown serial assassins have gunned down several civilians mostly government soldiers, clerics and ordinary civilians. On Saturday, unknown gunmen shot dead Lebanese national Hanna Lahoud, an official in the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

On Monday the army, upon the governor's directives, launched a manhunt campaign that resulted in the killing of a terror suspect known as Abu Khaled al-Sanaani and recapture of some sites controlled by paramilitary groups and marauding gangs.


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