Houthis torture young man until death

Houthis torture young man until death

 Militias of the Houthis and ousted President Ali Abdullah Saleh have tortured a young man, Waleed al-Ibi, until death. Al-Ibi was detained on charges of affiliation with the Islah party. 

 Sources close to al-Ibi's family spelt out that al-Ibi was shot on his head two days after he was abducted and enforcedly disappeared from al-Jiraf neighborhood last Thursday. 

Eyewitnesses told Alsahwah Net that al-Ibi was kidnapped from al-Jiraf neighborhood while he was with his wife in front of their house.

Sources close to the family of al-Ibi made clear that al-Ibi was kidnapped after he returned from spending honeymoon.

"Two days after al-Ibi was physically eliminated, his family was asked to receive his corpse, claiming that he committed suicide inside the Criminal Investigation's prison" they added.

The sources affirmed that his family refused to receive his corpse and that they demanded to disclose who was behind his murder and hold the officials who detain him responsible. 

In a statement, Al-Ibi's family held a Houthi field leader, Abu Waleed, responsible for killing its son. 

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