Amnesty international tells story of Asmaa suffering at Houthi hands

Amnesty international tells story of Asmaa suffering at Houthi hands

Amnesty International published a report on 13 April highlighting the story of Asmaaa al-Omeissy, a 22-year old Yemeni woman, whom Houthis arrested on several charges including of her links to the Arab Coalition fighting the rebels in support of Yemen's government.

The report said Asmaa "Asmaa al-Omeissy and her three co-defendants, for example, were barred from contacting the outside world for months while they were taken from one facility to the next, including a “secret” part of the Criminal Investigations Department. She was unable to get any news about her two children from a previous marriage – now four and seven years old – who currently live with family members in the south".

Here some excerpts of the report:

"Asmaa al-Omeissy was beaten up in front of her 50-year-old father Matir al-Omeissy, including being punched and hit with a cane by a policewoman."


"It was a psychological war. Can you imagine what it’s like for a woman to be kept alone in [an interrogation] room and accused of such things all the while being innocent?"


"She was interrogated over alleged links to al-Qa’ida, and wrongfully accused of committing an “illegitimate sex act” with her male travel companions. “It was a psychological war,” Asmaa al-Omeissy’s father told me."




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