A Statement by Islah Party regarding killing of ICRC staff member

A Statement by Islah Party regarding killing of ICRC staff member

A Statement by Islah Party regarding killing of ICRC staff member

Translation of the statement:

"Concerning the morning incident that filled Taiz with pain and sorrow, the barbaric fatal shooting of a staff member of the International Committee of the Red Cross, the Lebanese Hanna Lahoud, the Yemen Congregation for Reform "Islah" in Taiz condemned in the strongest terms this despicable crime. (It is) a crime that, on the surface, is an incident of killing an ICRC staff member, but underlying it is an intent to undermine the security and civilized lifestyle of which Taiz, the urban and rural, has long been standing as a byword.

The Islah condemns this murder crime and calls on the official authorities and different security authorities to track down the criminals behind this incident, bring them to justice, and enforce the tough ruling against the convicted killer(s). In order to make anyone dread at the mere thought of committing destabilizing acts and implementing agendas against peace and development.

All political parties, human rights organizations, CSOs , political activists, media bandits and youthful groups have to condemn this crime and those who stand behind them, and to work to immunize the community against such barbaric killings which actually aim to kill our civilizational heritage, and aspiration for a decent living and a prosperous future in justice, freedom and peace. This (crime prevention) requires therefore that the efforts of everyone be united with the efforts of the local government, represented by governor Dr. Ameen Mahmoud, and the Police Department and all the competent authorities.

Issued by the Yemen Congregation for Reform "Islah" Party in Taiz

April 21, 2018

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