Yemen Press Cutting

Yemen Press Cutting

  1. Houthis blew up the houses of Mohammed al-Koheil and Abdul-Fattah Ataa two local citizens from al-Haymah region in the north of the city of Taiz on Thursday. The Islamist extremist rebels have been shelling the villages of the region since the beginning of this year. They shelling has caused the families to leave and only the young people to stay to defend their houses. The rebels plant explosives in the corners of the houses that they control and remotely blow them up.

  1. The supervisor of the marine forces of the Houthi Mansour Ahmed al-Saadi was killed in an Arab Coalition airstrike on one of the terrorist group's sites in the Red Sea coast in Hodeidah on Wednesday. #Source: AlSahwa news website.
  2. The UN Special Envoy to Yemen Martin Grifiths has a complicated task arising from the behavior of the Houthi militia which seeks to impose everything it wants by the power of force. #Source: The Saudi daily al-Riyadh

  3. Houthi military commander Brigadier Naser al-Qawbari was killed during heavy clashes with the Saudi forces in the Yemeni-Saudi borders. #Source: Several media.

  4. Houthi rebels displaced dozens of families from the vicinity of the town of Heis in the Red Sea port province of Hodeidah in the past two days, local sources said. The rebels turned the evacuated villages into military sites. #Source: Al-Sharq al-Awsatnews website.

  1. Houthis blew up water wells and pumps in al-Haymah a region to the north of the city of Taiz on Wednesday, after clashes with the army there. Sources said the Shia Islamist extremists forced women and children of al-Haymah to walk before their fighters as a human shield for them to advance toward the army's sites. # Source:

  2. Minister of Interior Ahmed al-Maysari ordered the arrest of the former director of the African Immigrants Center in Aden, Brig. Khaled al-Alwani, and referring him to interrogation over claims of his committing of abuses including rape of some immigrants. #Source: The website of the Interior Ministry.

  3. During a tour in Aden Seaport, Prime Minister Ahmed bin-Daghr accused the Houthi rebels of using the Red Seaport of Hodeida to import ballistic missiles into Yemen. #Source: The state-run Yemen News Agency.

  4. The mothers of tens of activists forcibly disappeared by the Security Belt in Aden staged a protest rally in Khowr Maksar area in the temporary capital. The mothers demanded the Security Belt, a paramilitary force in the city, to disclose the whereabouts of their sons and to get them freed. # Source:

  5. Houthi rebels displaced 30 families in Bilad al-Wafi villages of Jabal Habashi region in the middle of the southwestern Yemen province of Taiz on Wednesday. Early this year the rebels displaced tens of families from the same area. #Source: Social networking website activists







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