FM participates in scientific meeting on international relations

FM participates in scientific meeting on international relations

during crises
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Abdul-Malik Al-Makhlafi participated in the Scientific Meeting on International Relations during Crises and Disasters which was organized by Prince Naif Arab University for Security Sciences in cooperation with the International Civil Defense Organization and the Geneva School of Diplomacy and International Relations.

Al-Mekhlafi presented a working paper on the humanitarian crisis in Yemen, the regional and international cooperation to address it and Yemen's vision to enhance the effectiveness of relief aid efforts to alleviate the crisis.

He also referred to the success of regional and international cooperation in addresses the humanitarian crisis and contribution to the containment of epidemics and diseases and preventing the outbreak of famine.

The paper included the challenge of Houthi perpetuating of the war, looting of humanitarian aid and restricting its distribution, arresting of aid workers, extorting aid organizations, because of the fact that aid deliveries to Yemen are centralized in the rebels' area of control.

He referred to the ongoing dialogue with the United Nations to establish five aid distribution centers across the country with the location of each allowing it a close access to aid receiving port (s) and to beneficiaries.

He said that Yemen's humanitarian crisis is not natural but rather man-made, a direct outcome of the Houthis' coup d'état and war they imposed against the Yemeni nation."


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