Yemen Press Cuttings

Yemen Press Cuttings


  1. Houthis killed a man and injured his son in heavy shelling on his village in Taiz on Monday 2018-04-16.

The Shia Islamist militants fired rockets on the villages of al-Haymah in al-Taiziya district of the central Yemen city of Taiz killing Sarhan Mohammed Qayed Othman and his son as one of the shells hit their house.


  1. Houthis released 18 al-Qaeda prisoners from the Political Security (Intelligence) jail in al-Beidha province in a deal the details of which are not known. Recently security sources said that there are signs of coordination and cooperation between the two terror groups. Al-Qaeda claimed that its elements escaped the jail. #Source: Yemen Sky
  2. Yemen Foreign Minister told the BBC Arabic TV channel that President Abd-Rabbu M. Hadi can return to Aden but what prevents him are the "security divisions and the dispute with the brotherly Emiratis (United Arab Emirates officials) in Aden. So we prefer Hadi's return to be delayed so that it does not trigger problems."

  3. Recounting recent arrests in the Houthi-held north of Yemen a senior official at the rebels self-proclaimed Interior Ministry said in a press conference on Monday that his rebel group had arrested "6052 criminal elements " – activists and supporters of the government.




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