Taizis regret governor's criticism of their anti-warlord protests

Taizis regret governor's criticism of their anti-warlord protests

The relatives of thousands of people killed and injured in Taiz over the past three years by armed rebels including warlord Tareq Mohammed Saleh have regretted their governor's support of Tareq and criticism of their protests against him.  

The city's people accuse Tareq of - in alliance with the Shia Islamist extremist Houthis - spearheading a genocidal war that killed and injured their relatives from early 2015 until late November 2017 when he and his uncle Ali Saleh's regime finally broke ranks with Houthis.

As of late 2017, the United Arab Emirates regrouped, re-trained and re-equipped the forces of Tareq, who has not yet recognized Yemen's internationally recognized government, and deployed those paramilitary forces in Taiz's western coast to involve them in the fight against Houthi rebels in north Yemen.

An unconfirmed news spread that Tarq would have a military presence and influence in Taiz downtown city which remembers him bitterly, provoking protests against Tareq on Saturday in the whole province – the city and its rural outskirts.     

The province's governor Ameen Mahmoud criticized those protests, mainly organized by the League of Martyrs  Families, calling them "a herd behavior" and calling protesters "a fifth column."  

The League said, in a statement, on Sunday, that they "regret that the governor made such remarks whom we had thought would be the top advocate of the martyrs and injured people. Unfortunately he turned on to describe the march that defends the martyrs and wounded as a herd behavior and paid-for."

"We called for this peaceful protest only after we realized that Tarq is being prepared to be deployed in Taiz, which he, with his until recently Houthi allies, had tried many times to enter without success…the blood of the martyrs (killed by him) have not dried yet."

Meanwhile Prime Minister Ahmed bin-Daghr said on Saturday that the duality of political authorities and militaries makes a conducive environment for the proliferation of terrorism.  


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