Yemen Press Cuttings

Yemen Press Cuttings


  1. The Media Department of the Yemen Congregation for Reform (Islah) party has mourned the death of Abdullah al-Qadry a member of the party and a photojournalist for Balqees TV whom Houthis killed in al-Baydha province on Friday.

The Department said al-Qadry was one of the most courageous journalists who conveyed Yemen's facts to the world through his camera. The Department  said the rebels bear responsibility of targeting journalists to disappear them and thereby disappear the facts. Al-Qadry died from injuries sustained in a Houthi missile strike that hit a car carrying journalists in Qaniya area of al-Baydha province in central Yemen. He is the third journalist of Balqees TV channel to be killed by the rebels so far.



  1. The internal disputes between Houthi leaders may evolve to armed clashes and defection of factions within the rebel militia. #Source: the Emirati newspaper and website al-Khaljeej.

  2. The privately-owned Belqees TV station said one of its Yemeni photographers, Abdullah al-Qadry, died from injuries sustained in what it said was a Houthi missile strike on Friday that hit a car carrying journalists in al-Bayda province.# Source: Reuters.

  3. Houthi gunmen shot fire into the Great Mosque in Ibb city as the worshippers refused to chant the rebels' rallying cry; "Death to America, Death to Israel, Curse Jews, Victory for Islam."


The  gunshot panicked the worshippers causing them to run out. One elderly man was killed and young others injured in the stampede that resulted from the incident.



  1. Houthis are carrying out a campaign to remove women pictures and female mannequins from business stores in the capital Sana'a as part of a campaign to enforce strict "morality" rules. The Shia Islamists blame the show of women pictures and mannequins as well as music concerns for the wrath of God and, as a result, "the delay of victory" against the government. Source# Several media.





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