Army advances towards Ketaf in Saada

Army advances towards Ketaf in Saada

The army has started to advance new Houthi rebel positions in Ketaf area in al-Boqaa district, north-east of Saada, the Houthi stronghold in north Yemen
The Commander of the Military Axis of Saada Brig. Obeid Al-Athala said in a statement to the Armed Forces's Media Center that "the heroes of the army in the fronts of Alsowh, al-Maleel and Al-Atfein in Ketaf have liberated Alfaraa plain near the center of Ketaf district, in a lightning speed offensive that cost the Houthi heavy losses in fighters and equipment.
Commenting on the importance of liberating Alfaraa plain, Al-Athala said that "it is close to the center of the Ketaf. Traverses in it is the paved road that the rebels have been using for military supply to several fronts in Saada province."

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