Yemen Press Cuttings

Yemen Press Cuttings





  1. Houthis fired a ballistic missile toward Marib on Thursday evening but the Arab Coalition air defenses intercepted it. # Source: several media.
  2. Chairing the Security Committee of Marib, governor Sultan al-Aradah stressed the importance of increasing vigilance. He said that Marib is targeted by the Houthi rebels and other terrorist cells. # Source: Al-Sahwa news website.

  3. In a meeting with the UN special envoy Martin Griffiths, the leaders of Yemen's political parties called for implementing the UN Security Council's resolutions in Yemen. They said that no peace brokerage efforts can succeed before Houthis hand over the weapons they seized from the state. # Source: Al-Sahwa news website.

  4. Saudi Foreign Minister: The Iran-backed Houthis bear full responsibility for the crisis in Yemen. # Source: Al-Sahwa news website.

  5. The Yemeni Foreign Ministry has renewed its emphasis on the three terms of reference for any peace process with the Houthi rebels; the GCC Agreement, the outcomes of the National Dialogue and the UNSC resolutions including resolution no. 2216.

Foreign Minister Abdul-Malik Al-Mekhlafi renewed this emphasis in a meeting with the UN Secretary-General's Special Envoy for Yemen Martin Griffiths. Griffiths gave an account his ongoing preparations for resuming peace talks stalled since Houthis abandoned months-long consultations in Kuwait 2016 at the last minutes before reaching a deal with the government.


  1. Houthis are carrying out a campaign to remove women pictures and female mannequins from business stores in the capital Sana'a as part of a chastity promoting campaign. The Shia Islamists blame the show of women pictures and mannequins for the wrath of God and, as a result, "the delay of victory" against the government. Source# Several media.



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