YJS demands to seriously investigate death of journalist

YJS demands to seriously investigate death of journalist

The Yemeni Journalists Syndicate has affirmed its support to the demands of the journalist Mohammed al-Absi's family to autopsy his corpse. 

In a statement, YJS affirmed it was following up the case of al-Absi's death, demanding to seriously and independently conduct investigations and the involvement of a forensic doctor.

Al-Absi, an investigative Yemeni journalist, strongly criticized the practices of the Houthis and tried to reveal their corruption. He died on Tuesday suddenly, raising suspects that he was poisoned.

Al-Absi was one of the top investigative Yemeni journalists and he was prosecuted two years ago after he published a document on his Facebook that proved that the Houthis were manipulating the war in Yemen for their interests.

"It seems that the siege imposed on the people in Yemen is done domestically rather than externally; it's a Houthi-made siege rather than a Saudi-made siege" al-Absi wrote on a post. 

Al-Absi also vividly slammed the Houthi Movement , saying that they deprived Yemenis from water, electricity and other services. 

He accused the Houthis of selling fuels in black markets with double prices and redoubling the suffering of Yemeni people.  


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