Taiz hospital official mourns 300 kidney failure patients in advance

Taiz hospital official mourns 300 kidney failure patients in advance

A senior health official in Taiz has mourned in advance three kidney failure patients doomed to die in three days as the main hospital that treats them is running out of the dialysis-related requirements by Monday.

The Director of the Prosthetic Kidney Section in Al-Thawra Hospital, Fahmi al-Hanani, posted on Facebook on Saturday: "Let me tell everyone today that we can mourn the 300 kidney failure patients. Starting from today Saturday 2018-04-07  only three days remain  until the materials required for carrying out dialysis run out."

He said that, in addition to the solutions, medicines and other materials required, the center needs 30,000 liters of potable water everyday to continue its work.

He said that the hospital itself has no allocated budget from the government and by extension the center does not have. He said that there was "limited cooperation with international organizations in 2017 and the health workers' transportations costs were afforded and the potable water was supplied intermittently."

But this year there is no one to help. He said that "the international organizations which claim to be humanitarian provide no support with dialysis materials or medicines in Taiz, although they support dialysis centers in other cities."

The Shia Islamist Houthi rebels invaded Taiz in March 2015 and have since been besieging the city cutting off medical as well as other humanitarian supplies to it.



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