Yemen Press Cutting

Yemen Press Cutting

  1. Houthis have forced the employees of the Civil Status Department and other public offices under their control in the central Yemen province of Ibb to attend sectarian re-education courses #Source:Al Sahwa news website.

  2. Unknown gunmen driving a car shot dead a soldier in Sheikh Othman district in downtown the temporary capital Aden's downtown on Saturday. Drive-by assassinations against moderate clerics, government soldiers and political activists are on the rise in south Yemen. #Source: Several media.
  3. The Commander of the Military Axis of Taiz said in a news conference on Saturday that the Arab Coalition has not cancelled its plan to liberate Taiz but Taiz was not yet supported with heavy weapons.

"The army in Taiz does not have even one mine flail. Three army personnel get killed in order to recover a wounded comrade in the battlefield to hospitalize him. We have not yet received any heavy weapons," he said. #Source: Several media


  1. An unidentified number of Houthis were killed as a cache of landmines that belongs to the rebel group exploded in al-Barakat camp in the central Yemen province of al-Beidha. Several news websites quoted local sources as saying that Houthi landmine experts were among the killed and wounded.But their number was not known because the rebels did not allow the curious citizens to come to the site and look. NGOs estimate that Houthis have planted half a million landmines in the country since they unleashed their insurgency in 2015.

  2. Houthis abducted a 12-year old boy (Ibrahim Khaled Aljaradi) in Yemen's central city of Taiz to pressure Aljaradi's cousins to hand themselves over the rebel militia. The rebel militia accuse the boy's cousins of being pro-government fighters.# Source: Aden New website.

  3. Houthis killed one man and injured three children in heavy shelling on Salah district in the eastern part of the central Yemen city of Taiz on Saturday. The Shia Islamist rebels fired Howitzer shells on the neighborhoods of Salah, in what local citizens say part of the collective punishment that the rebels practice against the city for three years for choosing to side with the government.

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