FreeQahtan# hashtag hopes UN may pressure Houthis to release Qahtan

FreeQahtan# hashtag hopes UN may pressure Houthis to release Qahtan

A social media campaign to push the UN to press Houthis into releasing Yemen's prominent political activist Mohammed Qahtan from the  rebels' jail is still gaining momentum.

Yemeni activists launched hashtag Freeqahtan# on 4 April 2018 which marks the third anniversary of the veteran politician's arrest by the Shia Islamist rebels from his house in Sana'a. The 60 years old politician is a senior member of the Yemen Congregation for Reform Party (Islah).

"The hashtag campaign hopes that the United Nations will exercise pressure on Houthis to secure the release of Qahtan, says Najib Asaadi a social media campaigner. "We are not hoping this publicity pressure will influence stubborn militants like Houthis to release detainees. Only the international community's pressure on Houthis may do the trick," he said in a tweet.
The Deputy Director of the Media Department of the Islah Party Adnan al-Odeidni has told Suhail TV that it is not possible to talk about a political solution in Yemen as long as the Houthi rebels disappear the party's member Mohammed Qahtan.

"Qahtan represents the political voice .... If the international community wants to restore the value of politics in Yemen, and revive political settlement or sponsor any negotiations, it has to look for Qahtan."

Since their military coup in September 2014 and, especially, unleashed insurgency in March 2015 rebel militia have arresyed hundreds of political oppositionists and held them incommunicado. The high-level detainees include the Defense Minister Mahmoud al-Subeihi.


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